Clinical Decision Support

We empower clinicians with our AI platform for developing differential diagnoses and drafting clinical plans.
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Expand your Differential Diagnosis 

Glass helps you draft a differential diagnosis for complex patients. We analyze your patient summary and suggest diagnoses you may consider and investigate. 

Draft Clinical Plans

Glass drafts an assessment and plan based on your patient summary in seconds, suggesting  evidence-based diagnostic and treatment steps for you to consider.

We combine a large language model with evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical guidelines created and maintained by our physician team.
Glass identifies diagnoses that may match the presentation in your patient summary.
We apply relevant clinical guidelines to your patient summary and generate the first draft of clinical plans for you to review.
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our mission
Glass Health was founded because we believe that technology should be fully leveraged to optimize the practice of medicine and improve patient care.

To this end, we have set out to empower clinicians with the best-in-class AI for clinical decision support.

With a deep commitment to safety, ethics, and alignment, we aim to increase diagnostic accuracy, improve the implementation of evidence-based treatment, enhance medical education, eliminate burnout, accelerate the achievement of health equity, and improve patient outcomes worldwide.